1968 penny

The 1968 penny is a coin that holds a significant place in American history. This copper-plated zinc penny was minted during a tumultuous time in the country’s history, and it carries with it a unique story that adds to its value and rarity.

During the 1960s, the United States was in the midst of social and political upheaval. The Vietnam War was raging, civil rights movements were gaining momentum, and the country was experiencing significant cultural shifts. Amidst this backdrop, the U.S. Mint was working to produce coins that would circulate throughout the country.

The 1968 penny was part of a series of coins that were produced using a new composition of metals. Due to a shortage of copper, the U.S. Mint began producing pennies using a combination of copper and zinc. This change in composition had a significant impact on the coins’ appearance and weight. The copper-plated zinc penny was noticeably lighter than its predecessor and had a more orange-colored hue.

Despite the changes in composition, the 1968 penny was still considered legal tender and was widely circulated throughout the country. However, due to its unique composition and the historical context in which it was minted, the coin has become a highly sought-after collectible.

Today, collectors prize the 1968 penny for its rarity and historical significance. While it may not be the most valuable coin in a collection, it holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the story it tells about America’s past. Whether it is a cherished family heirloom or a prized addition to a collection, the 1968 penny remains a valuable and treasured piece of American history.

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